Caramel Apple Pull Apart Bread

this looked amazing until I looked at the long instructions on how to make it.. guess i’ll never try it >:( haha

All about Fitness

Soo.. every time I start a new work out plan/goal, I’ll do good and do everything right for about a week then go back to my old ways completely. This time I’m GOING to complete my goals, not TRY and I figured that blogging about it, will help me keep track of things and help push me along. Hopefully you all will see major improvement in me and I hope that I can inspire someone out there also along the way.

;-) Happy New Years Everyone! Time to write my 18th edition of my book of Life.

rain > snow

Liking someone you never intended to like.

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I don’t always want to hear the good things.. cause they’re not always the truth. Yeah, i know it might hurt me but getting a reality check is much better than having to find out the truth on your own.